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If you lost your job because of a medical condition, you need help. You need income and health insurance. Perhaps you are still working but you are worried that you may need to quit soon because of a medical condition. Social Security Disability Benefits are a lifeline for millions of Americans. Our office focuses on helping people like you get the benefits you earned. The process of applying for and receiving benefits can take a long time. And the Social Security rules are complex and often confusing for many people. Our office of dedicated professionals focuses on helping people navigate a course through the maze of rules and obstacles to get those important benefits.

Disability Law

If you’ve been denied Social Security Disability Benefits despite no longer being able to earn a living, we can help. We understand how frustrating a denial can be when applying for benefits. The rules for disability require that the Social Security Administration determine whether or not you can work—even if that means working a job you’ve never done before. The problem with that is disability examiners look at your case and decide what you’re capable of— without ever meeting you face-to-face.

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You may have many questions about filing for Social Security Disability benefits. For example, you may want to know if you can still work when you apply. Or, you may want to know where to get medical help to diagnose and treat your medical problems. You may simply want to know if your specific medical problem will get you approved for benefits. We have assembled some resources here for you to help address those questions. Or you can simply call our office and we will do everything we can to answer all of your questions. We can assist you at every step of the way.


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